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Tree Services (Removal/ Trimming)

Residential & Commercial Services

Yes, here in Gil's Stump Removal, we offer the best tree services in town. We are considered to be the best tree service providers because we always deliver the best solutions at cost-effective prices. Our team has over 18 years of personal experience and we are passionate in what we do! Contact our team today and get a free estimate!

Stump Removal

Residential & Commercial Services

A stump is not only a deal breaker when it comes to beautiful landscapes, but it can also be very dangerous. If one of your loved ones falls down and lands on the stump it can be very bad for their physical integrity. Contact our team of experts today and enjoy a landscape free of stumps! Our prices are low and our quality is high!


Palm Removal

Residential & Commercial Services

Palms are very nice and they always increase the curb appeal! However, some palm trees are too tall and old palm trees represent a danger to many properties. In order to achieve a safe palm tree removal, one needs to hire a professional and experienced company that has the right tools and procedures. Contact Gil's Stump Removal to get the safest and most professional palm tree removal.

Poison Oak Removal

Residential & Commercial Services

Many property owners don’t know this, but poison oaks grown in various places…and they can be dangerous. In order to avoid accidents and danger, you should hire professionals to remove all poison oaks from your properties. Contact our team today and get a free estimate on our poison oak removal services.


Shrub Removal

Residential & Commercial Services

In order to increase the life expectancy and curb appeal of a tree, one must give its proper maintenance. Get the shrub removal that your trees deserve while also saving money by hiring our experienced professionals. Our team will exceed your expectations by delivering the best quality and by working passionately and with dedication. Contact us today!

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