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Gil's Stump Removal

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Gil's Stump Removal is a family owned company that was established many years ago in Mountain View, California. Although our company was founded many years ago, our personal experience traces back to almost 20 years! Thanks to our 18 years of personal experience we are able to offer the best quality in town along with the best prices.

Our company was founded under the great values of professionalism, integrity, and cost-effectiveness. We apply our core values in every project that we are assigned to work on and our staff is dedicated and passionate in the work they deliver.

Contact our team today in order to get a free estimate for any of the services that we offer. Our competitive prices and high-quality cannot be found elsewhere. Our fully bilingual team is more than ready to attend to your needs and to offer you a cost-effective solution. Contact our team today and get a free estimate!

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Why Choose Us: When you choose Gil’s Stump Removal, you are selecting high-quality and cost-effectiveness.


Our mission is to deliver high-quality tree services for the community of Mountain View, CA.


Our vision is to expand our coverage area throughout the entire state of CA by offering our services in different cities with many establishments.

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